Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pink Tartan


My nails today were inspired by a pink, tartan scarf my boyfriend bought for me during our weekend away in Inverness. I'm rubbish at creating patterns that I can't use my black and white nail art pens for - I just can't get the hang of using brushes for intricate stuff. So I decided to use the edge of a make-up sponge to 'print' on the lines in the design. It came up a bit messier than I had wanted, but maybe that gives it a more 'fabric' kind of look?!

I used Naked Glow hypergel by Models Own as the base, then used pink (Cerise Shine, Models Own), green (Key Lime, Barry M) and yellow (Summer LE, Barry M) for the design, then topcoated with Poshe topcoat.

First I tried the design on all my fingers (only did one hand!) but thought it looked a bit much, especially as I'm back at work today, so decided I'd just keep the two nails that I thought had turned out best as accent nails, and re-do the others just with Naked Glow. Here's a quick snap from my phone of all 5 nails done:

And then some more of the finished mani that I'm going to wear to work:

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