Friday, 7 March 2014

BFF Friday: Indie & an Accent


Today is BFF Friday with Naileymabob and this theme was decided by me. We were both to pick one Indie polish to use in a manicure. We would then add one (or two, as we decided earlier today!) accent nails that complement/match the indie polish. As usual, we don't discuss specific ideas, we just agree on the theme, then come up with a manicure each. As I write this I've no idea what Naileymabob has come up with, can't wait to see!

Earlier this week I was in Tescos, and I accidentally just bought two of the new Barry M Gellys! I totally don't need them, but they were so pretty I couldn't resist, especially at 2 for £6. I loved the pale minty green, but I have a shade practically the same that's really good (Pepperminty by Ciate) so left that one on the shelf, and picked up Rose Hip (pale pink) and Huckleberry (pale blue). I used them as the base for this manicure - in fact, I wore them on their own this morning at work, before I added the indie! They have such a lovely finish after three coats - compared to the hypergels though they're quite watery in consistency, but doesn't change the finished look!

For my BFF mani, the Indie I picked to use was Sparkler by Nail Lacquer UK. I've loved this polish ever since I bought it, but don't wear it enough! I picked it for this manicure as I thought the colours matched with the gelly (which I didn't want to take off after one day!) really well. I applied Sparkler on my thumb, middle finger and little finger over the pink gelly polish. The other two I left plain - my index finger was pink, and my ring finger was blue from my earlier manicure. To fit with the brief of adding accent nail(s) that matched the polish, I added pastel blue and pastel pink studs, to match the glitter in the polish (okay I know the glitter in the polish is actually bright pink/blue but I thought brighter studs wouldn't go with the 'pastel' look of the whole manicure!!)

Here's the outcome - to say I just decided on this a few hours ago and haven't had it planned for ages, I think it's turned out well - I really like it! I'm hoping I can wear this to work tomorrow and just hide my hands, haha.

And a few quick pics of my plainer gelly mani before I added anything, I really love these colours, and the finish! Especially the blue, which I didn't expect to love so much <3

Check out Naileymabob's BFF manicure here!


  1. Wow, so beautiful- I think all the colours work superb in this mani, so glad you like Sparkler- one of my favs too!


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