Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekend With Naileymabob!


Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days - I've spent the weekend with Naileymabob in Wales! We've known each other for years but don't often get the chance to meet up due to busy schedules and living so far apart. We had an awesome time gossiping, shopping, drinking coffee, eating... and doing nails. Here's some quick pics from our weekend - more manicure-specific posts will follow!!

Goodies when shopping - we did only buy 6 new polishes between us so we were quite good!

Bob's impressive Bazza M collection!

Our Saturday manicures, with frappucinos in the sun:

Bob checking out an awesome slinky we won in the arcades

Another manicure I did, borrowing a Tara's Talons polish from Bob's indie shelf

A big yummy burger

Work in progress in front of a film on Friday night!

My purchases!

Another shot of the mani I wore on saturday, borrowing Bob's new Hare polish (over new blue hypergel!)

Thanks for having me Bob, it was awesome!! Xx

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