Sunday, 23 March 2014

NudePinkWhite Ombre


Here are the nails I've had for the last couple of days. I decided to create a base for some nail art using a selection of pinks/nudes and arranged them in an ombre-type mani. I used two coats of each polish, plus topcoat. I loved how smooth and shiny these nails look so I left off the nail art and just wore them like this! They lasted a good couple of days and I really liked the simplicity of them.

I used:
Pink Veneer (Models Own) Rose Hip (Barry M) Utopia (Models Own) Naked Glow (Models Own) and Snow Me White (Sinful Colors). Sorry my polish bottles look so messy, I'm not a tidy person!!

After three days, I used some spare time to doodle over the top of these as they were past their best, before I removed them for a new manicure! I was inspired by this image which I came across when I was googling for inspiration. Sorry about the pics - they're from Instagram - I forgot to take some on my proper camera before I took them off! 


  1. The plain nails are so very pretty - I sorted out my nail polish to day (49 different colours) & realised most are very dark shades, so I must buy some pale shades like these you have used. The nail art is, as usual, so intricate. Even using my right hand I still wobble, but I'm practising & improving all the time.


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