Sunday, 9 March 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - pretty thermal!

Today I've got a really pretty polish to show off. This is Secret Admirer by F.U.N Lacquer. I actually borrowed it from Naileymabob, who purchased it from Rainbow Connection. She was so generous to lend it to me as she'd only just got it, and was wearing it on the day we met up - but as soon as I said how much I liked it she let me borrow it - yaaay! 

This polish is sparkly and thermal. It's red when cold, and white when hot. I think I applied two coats for this - it was a few weeks ago when I actually wore it, and the weather was so cold that it hardly ever went white!

I think if I wore it again, I'd wear it over a base coat of white polish, as when it got warm, the white colour it changed to was quite see through and you could see my nails underneath! It's still a stunner though, I loved the massive difference between hot/cold and how quickly it changed.

You can see Naileymabob's post about this polish here.

Here's a variety of pics from both my camera and my phone - I've put them in order of cold (red), pics of it transitioning, and pics of it hot (white) - achieved by putting my nails under the tap!


  1. I love the second to last shot of this that you got! It's such a beautiful polish and when it starts getting cold again (hopefully not for a long time) I'll be investing in more of these!

  2. ooOOoo I do love that! I love thermals and this is just great :D Love how pretty your nails look! X


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