Friday, 11 April 2014

BFF Friday: Geometric Pastels

Hello! Time for another week of BFF Friday - when myself and Laura (naileymabob) pick a theme, and both create a manicure. Laura came up with this weeks' theme which is Geometric Pastels. Fab for spring!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, although I did want to use Rosehip and Huckleberry - two of the new spring gellys by Barry M. I wasn't really sure even right up until last night when I started this mani - I was going to do a big triangle at either the base or tip of my nail, but at the last minute I came up with this. It was quite time consuming, but I did it whilst catching up with some TV so it didn't seem too bad!

I started with a base of Rosehip (the pale pink) which needed two/three coats to be fully opaque. I helped this to dry quickly with a quick coat of Insta Dri (Sally Hansen). After waiting a little while to make sure they were fully dry, I drew on the triangles using the white nail-art pen. I filled them in with Huckleberry (the pale blue) using a tiny nail-art brush - I rarely use brushes because I'm not very accurate with them and find them faffy, but in this case I needed something really tiny to get the polish into the little triangles! I went over the blue twice to make it stand out. Once this was dry (again helped with Insta-Dri!) I went over the white outlines of the triangles again to neaten them up. Then my final coat of Insta-Dri to seal it all in!

Pics using my camera washed these out a bit, as you can see in the first few pics, so I've also added some I took with my phone that show the colours and the nail-art off a little better. Sorry for the varying colour/quality!

 Naileymabob's post is here - go and check out her post and how she interpreted the theme! X


  1. Such a pretty mani :) I love mixes of pastels with geometric patterns - the design seems to balance out the girlyness of the colours!! And beautifully executed as always!
    Does the Sally Hansen top coat ever smudge designs at all? I use Seche Vite but I find it a bit thick to use in-between layers like this! So I need something non-smudgy but a bit thinner!!
    Sarah x

    1. Thank-you!
      I find the Sally Hansen really fab as a topcoat - it's not too thick, and dries so quickly, and it doesn't shrink at the edges like Seche does, I find. Also, it very rarely smudges the designs, and if it does it's my own fault for not giving the design enough time to dry! Using the topcoat about 5 mins after using the nail art pen there's no smudging at all! It's definitely worth giving it a try :-)

  2. I love the design you created! Rosehip and Huckleberry are the perfect combination for spring! :)


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