Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Prickly Pear Plait


Here are my nails today. I am at work again today, with two days off coming up. On my days off I'm desperate to try some bright, patterned designs on my nails, especially with the weather getting nicer! Today, however, I've got to keep my nails quite plain for work. My uniform has a pink/purple shirt, so I picked a purple polish for my nails today.

This is Prickly Pear by Barry M; one of their gelly shades. I love all of the gelly polishes for both their colour and shiny finish, and I use them loads! I was initially just going to leave my nails plain purple, as I'm going to be changing them tomorrow anyway, but then I saw this blogpost by Rebecca over at Lane's Lacquers where she'd done a fishtail accent nail. I was inspired to create one myself, as I've not done fishtail for ages!

I used Blueberry (Barry M gelly) and Snow Me White (Sinful Colors) to create the fishtail braid design. You just need to paint on stripes of polish diagonally, building it up one side at a time, leaving a few mins for the polish to dry between stripes. Unintentionally I made each stripe really small so it actually took ages to build up the design right to the end of my nails! Next time I'll make each stripe wider like Rebecca did in the above mani!  

Also, I should have waited a little longer before adding a topcoat, as it kind of smeared the design a little. Arghhh! Usually I would remove a design if it smudged, but this took me too long so I'm going to wear it for at least a day, haha.

Here's a quick pic of the mani in progress, taken on my phone:

And another one of the finished product!! x

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