Friday, 25 April 2014

BFF Friday - Pink Tie-Dye

Hello! Time for another edition of BFF Friday, where myself and Laura from Naileymabob pick a theme, and both create nails based on it. We don't tell each other exactly what mani we're going to do, so it's always fun to see how the other has interpreted the theme!

Today's theme is Pink Tie-Dye. I picked the theme this week, as I was inspired by a manicure I saw on instagram by b_jessica_3. So gorgeous! I wanted to recreate this exactly, but decided to replace one of the two pink shades Jessica used with a purple, so I wasn't totally copying! I also initially decided this as I thought it'd make the whole mani more pastel and less bright, but it didn't....oh well! 

I started off with a base of Barry M's Prickly pear. This was 2 quite thick coats as it's quite sheer in just one. Once fully dry, I drew on a loose spiral using the white Barry M nail art pen. I then added a pink spiral (also Barry M pen) beside it, adding in 'jaggedy' edges to get the tie-dye look. I had to go over the white and pink again when it had dried as they can dry quite patchy/pale, but it didn't take me too long!

I finished with a topcoat of OPI red/pink sheer tint, 'Be Magentale with me' to add a slight pink tinge to the white and just because I wanted to see how it'd look! I'm pleased with the finished look - it was good that this mani required adding jagged, uneven edges to the spiral, because I didn't need to worry about it being perfect. These especially look good from a distance - so effective!

Check out Naileymabob's interpretation of this weeks theme and her blogpost here!

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