Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Red & Pink

Quick post for today to show you a manicure I wore during the week.

For this one I used three Barry M gelly polishes - Chilli, Pomegranate & Rhossili. 

I started with two coats of Pomegranate. Then when it was fully dry, I taped off triangles and filled them in with Chilli. Once this was dry I used a dotting tool to add one dot on each nail using Rhosilli.

The overall effect was quite neutral - the colours were all so similar that from a distance they blended in, but up close the pattern was visible. Next time I try this I think I'll use more contrasting colours, because I do like the simplicity of the pattern!


  1. These are so pretty and such lovely colours! What tape do you use? i have some but it peels the first layer off even when its fully dry xx
    Emma | Cookies&Cream Blog

    1. I actually used straight nail vinyls for this which are kind of like pre-cut pieces of tape, but more sturdy. I got them here: I find striping tape too fiddly and flimsy to cut and position!

      I usually let my base coat dry fully - sometimes for a day (I wore the base shade on it's own the day before I did the design over the top) which usually helps a lot! Xx


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