Monday, 27 October 2014

Flip Mani


I tried something a bit different the other day - something I've wanted to give a go for a while now! I've seen this called a flip mani, or an Louboutin Mani - after the famous black shoes with the red soles. 

I painted my nails like normal with the black Kate Spade Nails Inc polish - two coats. I then used a barry M red gelly shade to paint the underside of my nails. This took a bit of precision - it was so hard to get it far enough down without getting it all over my fingers - it took a while, and a bit of careful cleaning up! It also took a few coats to build up the red, as the black coming through from the other side of the nail darkened it a lot.

I was really happy with the results though - they looked so striking! 


  1. Love this! I've also been meaning to try it for ages!

  2. That is fabulous....not sure my nails are quite long enough to risk trying the red.

  3. These look awesome! It fits your nail shape amazingly!

  4. Looks fab with your nail shape! Must get this one off the to do list and on to my nails once they've re-grown! x


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