Sunday, 12 October 2014

Multichrome goodness


I did these nails as I was going to the races over the weekend and I wanted something different and glam, but reasonably quick and easy to do as I didn't have much time. I always go for studs/gems for a special occasion as I think they really stand out, and they're not something I'd wear every day.

I decided to wear my Polish Me Silly multichrome, Obsession, again. It's so gorgeous! I then added some rhinestones that had a similar colour-shift, and they matched really well. 

I used a base coat of black, then just one coat of Obsession. I stuck the studs on while the polish was still wet, picking each one up using a dotting tool with a bit of blu-tac stuck on the end! I finished off with a topcoat to seal them in - I did lose a few studs over the course of the day but due to the random pattern of them it wasn't too noticeable. 

I loved these nails, and more than once people asked to see them and were amazed by the colour shift! I was constantly tilting my hands to demonstrate them to people, haha!

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