Monday, 13 October 2014

Bats on Thermal


I've done some Halloween nails - I know it's not Halloween yet but there's been spooky nails all over Instagram for the past few weeks and I was desperate to do some myself - I love Halloween!

I had a lot of different designs in mind, hopefully I will get the chance to do one or two more, work permitting. For this one, I decided to start off with a base of Minty Madness by Polish Me Silly. I bought this gorgeous thermal polish a few months ago, and it's so pretty - perfect for Halloween I think. It goes green when cold and white when warm. In this mani I've used two coats of white, then two coats of Minty Madness.

Once this was all dry I used the Barry M nail art pen to freehand these bats over the top - I practiced the shape on paper a couple of times first so I knew what I was drawing! They're not all perfectly even but I like the overall effect. And I can't stop looking at my nails to see what colour they are! 

Here's a few more pics of them in varying stages of warmth - the pictures tended to bring out the white, although they are more usually green as my hands are usually cold!


  1. Nice looks very cool :)

  2. Love the thermal effect, its a fabulous way to bring even more interest to nails! Looks absolutely fab!


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