Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Pink, Nude & Gold


Here are my nails ready for back-to-work today. I picked out three nude/pale shades for this design, which I've seen in a lot of places and really wanted to recreate.

The base is Utopia by Models Own - I go back to this again and again for a lovely pink-toned nude shade. This was two lovely coats.

Once this was fully dry, I applied straight nail vinyls (or you could use striping tape) to section off a triangle at the bottom of each nail. I painted these pale pink (Rosehip, Barry M) and then removed the vinyls. Once this was fully dry, I applied new vinyls in the opposite direction, and painted the triangle with glitter (Duchess, Barry M).

The main thing here is to WAIT between layers. I gave enough time between the nude and the pink layer, but after I'd applied the pink I was too impatient to wait and tried to apply the nail vinyls when the base wasn't fully dry - it felt dry to the touch, but once I pulled up the vinyls, the polish slightly pulled up underneath - arrghhh!!! I tried as best I could to press them back down and topcoat them so it was less obvious, but I'm still so annoyed as the lines now aren't as neat as I wanted. Grrr. So the moral is - have patience!!!


  1. Your nail designs are always stunning! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Linked this mani in my latest blog post :)


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