Thursday, 27 February 2014

Monochrome Grid Nails

Quick bit of nail art today - these nails are based on a pic of a catwalk outfit that I saw in the paper, from Milan fashion week. I'm not an avid follower of fashion, but graphic prints on clothes often make me think that I could do a nail version! Here's the outfit that inspired me:

I liked the fact that the black lines weren't neat/exact - it was more of a 'hand drawn' look than a really regimented exact grid. And this works for nail art! I'm a bit annoyed that my version was a bit TOO 'hand drawn' and messy - I could have done it neater! These nails do look really good and striking from a distance though, it's just that the imperfections are really obvious in these photos!

For these, I used a base of Snow Me White (Sinful Colors), and my Barry M black nail art pen for the grid. Topcoated with Poshe topcoat to make it shine!


  1. I love this design....might try it on my (now very short ) nails, but reverse the colours, as I don't have a white polish but have some black i haven't used yet.

  2. Me gustan, son diferentes y originales!


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