Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lovely Lush!


This isn't a post about nails, just a quick post about Lush! I didn't really used to be interested in Lush products, until I got into nails and heard Lemony Flutter mentioned as being a really nice cuticle butter. My hands and cuticles were often dry so I decided to get some. It smells delicious, works well and lasts forever! I bought it about 6 months ago and try to use it daily, and there's still practically the full pot left.

I then began to see bits and pieces on other beauty blogs about other Lush products, and I became interested. I asked for some bits for Christmas, and got a bottle of Snow Fairy (xmas limited edition) shower gel which smells delicious. I also got a couple of bubble bars - a penguin one from the Christmas range, and a pretty pink one called The Comforter. I broke it into about 5 pieces and used it for lots of beautiful smelling baths. This one is available all year round so I definitely want to get it again. I've also recently tried the blue version, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds which was also lovely, with a really 'relaxing' scent - although I think I preferred the sweeter smell of The Comforter.

A few weeks ago, I also treated myself to a tinted lip gloss called The Kiss, which tastes delicious - like sweets! I usually don't bother to keep applying lipgloss, but this one tastes so nice I religiously put it on.

I sent Lush some positive feedback on twitter about The Comforter, The Kiss, Snow Fairy and Lemony Flutter - I genuinely love them and can't believe I've not been a fan of Lush before now. I've not usually been too bothered about what bath products I use but now I'm a full Lush convert. I was surprised and over the moon when Lush got in touch and said that in return for my lovely feedback, they'd send me a little box of surprises. It was so unexpected - I hadn't expected anything in return and hadn't said I had a blog or anything....and my treat came today! I got sent:
Space Girl bath bomb
Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment bath melt
Creamy Candy bubble bar

Here they are, my new goodies still in wrappers and my other current Lush products:

I've not tried any of them yet, but they all smell delicious - the same sweetie smell that I love so much, similar to The Comforter, Snow Fairy and The Kiss. I'm soooo pleased to have been sent these as they'll only increase my love for Lush! I hope this post has given you all inspiration to go shopping in Lush - and let me know your favourite products too for me to try, because I'm still a bit of a Lush newbie!


  1. So many goodies, so many wants! :D enjoy them all xx

  2. I have been using Lush ever since the company was formed - in fact, I used the products from Cosmetics - to -Go, which was the original company set up by Mark Constantine. My all time favourites are Flying Fox shower stuff, & the solid shampoo bars. Also bubble bath bars. Yesterday whilst in Nottingham I bought some really fun looking bubble bath, shaped as a bunch of 3 carrots, as well as more Flying Fox & a shampoo bar. The fresh face masks are excellent too, & better value than you'd imagine, & if you want an excellent face exfoliator/cleanser for more oily skin, try Angels on Bare Skin. I have dry skin, but it's not too drying for me. I also use their mascara (the wand is very short, but they will give you free longer wands if you ask), & the liquid eye shadows are great too, & come in really different colours (I'm current using a rather bright peridot green). To be honest, I cannot imagine not using Lush products, they've been part of my life for almost 30 years at least. I deleted the first comments due to my spelling mistakes!

    1. oooh, I definitely will check out this stuff! Like I said I'm quite new to their products, but I really love them, and really want to see what their make-up is like. And I will need a new shower gel once my Snow Fairy runs out as that was just an xmas special, so I will have a look/smell of the Flying Fox stuff :-) Xx


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