Friday, 7 February 2014

BFF Friday - Lace Nailart

Hello! Slightly different post today. This is the first of a series (we hope!) of collab posts between myself and Naileymabob. We decided that it'd be fun to do some joint posts on the same theme. For today, we picked one polish we both had, which was Cerise Shine hypergel by Models Own. We both got this polish delivered this week from the Models Own sale, and both wanted to try it out! We decided that over the top we'd add lace print. We didn't discuss how/what we wanted the full mani to look like other than these details, because we wanted to see what each other would come up with!

I started with a base of the pink, which I posted swatches of a few days ago here. I then doodled on a lace design at the base of each nail, using the Barry M nail art pens. My inspiration was this manicure by Lucy of Lucy's Stash, which I actually came across when googling for something else ages ago, and saved it as it was so pretty. I tried to alter it a bit so it wasn't completely copied, but I do like having a design to follow when I'm doing something intricate like lace print.

Here is my manicure!

I definitely want to try this design again and try to do it neater. And maybe I could try it at the top of my nails, rather than at the bottom. I love lace-print!

Here's a link to Naileymabob's version of pink lace print! Go and look, it's stunning <3


  1. I love these - I love how you've used the black and white pens and that we came up with something completely different! We're geniuses!

  2. It came out beautifully, well done! And thank you for the mention x

  3. quite a pretty pink!

  4. Nice job ladies! I've always fancied a little twin mani buddy lol! :) x


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