Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cerise Shine Hypergel

Hello! Today I received my Models Own sale haul. I only got 5 polishes, mainly because I didn't actually need ANY polishes, but couldn't resist 50% off, and wanted to try the new hypergels!

This is what I got:

The three Hypergel shades I most liked the look of, and Northern/Southern Lights, because I've thought these were pretty for quite a while so half price was a good excuse to add them to my collection.

The first polish I decided to apply was Cerise Shine, which is the bright pink hypergel. OMGGG look how gorgeous this is!!! For those who don't know, Models Own have just brought out a new style of polish called Hypergel, which is supposed to replicate the look of a gel manicure, being really smooth and shiny.

I thought it applied well, definitely needed two coats to make it flawless, but the polish is lovely and pigmented and smooth. I've used a topcoat here, because I find bright colours like this mark my white walls (oops!) plus any pieces of paper I handle at work. But shine-wise, it didn't need the topcoat, it looked exactly the same without it. Lush!

Another polish I found difficult to photograph. Here without flash:

With flash:

Sooo pink! I've tentatively decided to wear this for work tomorrow, mainly because it looks and feels so lush that I can't bear to take it off! I hope because it's just 'one plain colour' and not nail art, I should be able to get away with it.... hopefully! 

My cracked nail is still hanging on too. I altered my method of mending slightly this time, using just a small strip of teabag to cover the crack, rather than covering my whole nail. It doesn't feel as strong, but looks neater around the cuticle! Here's the repair, and how it looks polished over - sorry about the quality, phone pics!

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  1. I made a small order as well, I definitely didn't need any more nail varnishes but for 50% off you can't really say no can you?
    I only ordered the Cornflower Blue hyper gel, but got the Matte top coat, a couple of the scented pastels and a hypergel to try too :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn


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