Friday, 28 February 2014

Ciate - Dolls House


I was in London during the week with my boyfriend, and we had a few hours to spare which we spent browsing Oxford Street. We went into Selfridges just because its a fab shop to browse... and I spent some time in the nail polish section, which is so pretty! It's mostly quite pricey brands like Nails Inc, so I decided not to get anything. However, the Ciate Dolls House Collection had caught my eye.... still, I left it on the shelf like a good girl while we went to find the cocktail bar! One Espresso Martini later and I'd convinced myself I needed the dolls house if it was under £20. We navigated back to the polish section, and I was soon the proud owner of the £18 set - complete in a much coveted-by-me yellow Selfridges bag!!

So, this collection has 5 minis, all with a porcelain (matte) finish - which I didn't actually know until the shop lady told me! They are:
Dollface (nude/beige)
Paper Doll (white)
Baby Doll (peach)
Poppet (lilac)
Sweet Pea (mint green)
cute names! I was desperate to try these, so for my manicure today, I painted each finger with a different colour.

They take a good few coats to build up, I think these were all three coats. With the polish being matte, I found it a really tricky formula to work with - it dried quickly and you couldn't go over the same spot twice without making the polish all smeary and patchy. Luckily they built up quite well after a few coats.

I had the day free, so decided to doodle over the top of these. I picked up my Barry M white nail art pen, and doodled a paisley pattern on all my nails, except the white ones as the white pen wouldn't show up, obviously! I was a bit stumped as to what to do on the white nails as they looked too unfinished with nothing, and eventually settled on using my pastel studs from Born Pretty. I was pleased when I found studs that were of a really similar colour to three of the shades already in my mani, so stuck these on to my little finger nail using wet nail polish. I finished all my nails off with a matte topcoat (Rimmel) to keep the 'porcelain' look meant for these. (sorry about greasiness of last pic, had just applied some Lemony Flutter!) Xx


  1. One hand or two is the question?! Have you or could you do a tutorial for the paisley pattern ? or teach me at work;-)

    1. I did both hands, but my other hand has one silly short nail so I didn't post pics! I will teach you these at work :-D Xxx

  2. Ps, Totally love these by the way x

  3. This mani is stunning! Great drawing! I also love the dolls house they came in :D xx


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