Monday, 24 February 2014

B Mine - Tara's Talons


Today I've got an absolute beauty of a polish to show you. This is B Mine by Tara's Talons (The Tara Emporium) and I knew I had to have it after seeing some beautiful swatches of it on Cazzy's blog, SpecialGirl Nails. This was officially a Valentine's polish, but to me, pink with hearts, stars and glitter is definitely pretty enough to be worn all year round. 

The base these glitters are suspended in is pink, but quite sheer, and I don't like to have a 'visible nail line' so I decided to layer it over a block colour. I tried a bright pink (Kiss Chase by Ciate), a baby pink (Pink Veneer by Models Own) and a nude (Utopia also by Models Own). This was just meant to be an experiment to decide what it looked best over, but it looked stunning over all three so I decided to encorporate my 'practice nails' into the manicure. Looking at them now, I think my favourite is how it looks over Utopia (the nude shade) but I do like how the different colours adds an extra dimension to the mani.

This is one-two coats of B Mine, depending on how much glitter/hearts/stars came out each time. I did fish a bit for the bigger shapes and the lovely neon pink squares and placed them where there was gaps, but this was easy enough and expected for larger glitter. 

I topcoated with my new bottle of Gelous, which I bought in Sally's at the weekend. I don't live near one, so was really chuffed to find one in Inverness where I spent the weekend with my boyfriend. I treated myself to two bottles and also the gold leaf OPI polish, which was in the sale. The Gelous was everything I'd expected from it- so thick and shiny, really smoothed down the glitter. I used a few coats, and then another coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri to make sure it was really dry. I loooove it! The stars and hearts are totally sealed in underneath the Gelous - usually I have problems with stars spiking out through topcoat, but that seems to be solved.

So yeah - I'm loving both B Mine and my new Gelous. <3

What I used:

And lots of pics to show off the prettiness!

And here's my left hand below - my tea-bag fix is still holding my middle nail together (needs re-doing most times I do my nails!) and my little finger nail completely broke when I caught it on something on the train to Inverness (we'd literally just got on the train on our way, and I nearly cried, luckily it didn't break lower down!)


  1. You're right, absolutely a gorgeous polish! I love it on top of the nude shade best as well :)

  2. This polish is stunning! I think it looks nice over all 3 of the pinks! I hate it when my nails break too - it always seems to be my little fingernail as well! :)

  3. Very pretty! Love your long nails! <3


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