Thursday, 13 February 2014



Here are some more Valentine's nails! I've seen some fab nails from other bloggers, and the ones I've liked the most have been these by Pause for Polish. So artistic! Also, Nailasaurus posted some valentine's nail art ideas, and I really liked the ones with the 'LOVE' lettering. So I knew I wanted to spell out the word on my nails, but didn't want to directly copy either of these, or various others I've seen. I don't think I'd have been able to do anything as nice or intricate as Pause for Polish, so I got thinking about other styles of writing and nail art in general, and decided to go for lace-print-style writing.

For a base I used three of my Ciate minis, which all happen to have valentines-themed names - L-R, Boudoir, Play Date and Kiss Chase. I painted my nails in Kiss Chase, then randomly swiped the other colours on. Not sure that it looked very good, more messy, but it didn't matter very much as I was going to add the lettering over the top, which I did with my Barry M nail art pen. I finished off with a shiny topcoat to seal in the pen and finish off the look!

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