Monday, 30 September 2013

Models Own - Absinthe


Finally got round to trying out another of my Models Own buys that I picked up a few weeks ago at the Bottleshop! This one is Absinthe, the dark green one from the Velvet Goth collection. These are all textured glitters, and there are 5 colours. Myself and Naileymabob both picked up the green and the blue, as we agreed these were the most pretty and the most unusual. 

I applied a base coat of Nail Envy and then two coats of Absinthe. It's quite tricky to apply because it's so thick - you've got to put loads on the brush. It dries really quickly, which is good, but sometimes it's started to dry before you've fully painted one nail, making it a bit patchy/streaky. But overall, the finish was fab, and I love how packed the glitter is. I also adore the subtle big/small pieces, making it look really 3D. This first pic is without topcoat - it was quite a rough/matte finish.

I then added two coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri topcoat to add some shine, and I think it looks sooo much better! So so sparkly and shiny <3 I think this will be a lovely polish for autumn/winter, and the dark green/sparkly colour reminds me of Wicked the musical, which is always a good thing :-D


  1. :OOOO these look amazing on you!!!!!!

  2. Thankyouuu! I can't stop looking at how sparkly they are! <3 x


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