Monday, 23 September 2013

Nail Lacquer UK - Sweetie Belle


Another beauty to show off today. I didn't want to take My Mint Nails (!!) off but it had slightly chipped after two long days at work :-( I was sad to take it off, but very eager to replace it with another of my purchases from Nail Lacquer UK!

This is Sweetie Belle, from the stunning "Inspired by My Little Pony" collection - genius! The polishes in this collection are all so pretty, lots of pastel colours and glitter. I definitely want more :-)

Sweetie Belle is a white (or v pale pink?!) base, packed with tiny bright pink glitters, and larger pink, purple and white hexes. It just looks gorgeous in the bottle - and on the nail! I actually layered two coats of Sweetie Belle over a base coat of pale pink polish, to see what it would look like!

It's a stunning combination, and applied really well as all of these polishes do! The cute little charm made it extra-special!


  1. These polishes are lovely - I adore the little charms!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. this is such a cute colour,, i love it!


  3. Such a cute color :) I love that it's inspired by My Little Pony! If it weren't, though, I think this polish would have to be named Strawberry Ice Cream...


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