Saturday, 28 September 2013

Charm Bracelet + Bling


I wanted to create another bright and bling manicure for tonight. I first tried to recreate my phonecase, which is white with silver studs, but I couldn't get it to look right. After a few attempts I took it all off and thought I'd just do something completely different. After staring at my tin full of different studs and dimantes for ages, I eventually came up with this.

As a base, I used Charm Bracelet by Seventeen from Boots. This is a new purchase that I bought along with one of Barry M's new matte polishes. I was going to get one of their new textured glitters too, but I'd seen some swatches of the very similar one that Seventeen had done and decided I liked this better. And as it was buy-one-get-one-half-price in Boots, I decided to go for it!

This is two coats of Charm Bracelet. I love how packed the glitter is! It feels all gritty to the touch, but I don't mind that with it being glitter. 

On an accent nail, I decided to add some random dimantes. Most of these came from a wheel I picked up from Poundland or from those nail-art pens that have some dimantes in the end. I've seen some phone cases recently absolutely packed with gems/pearls/crystals/studs, and although they look slightly tacky I think they also look AWESOME! I'd buy one but I like my phone to be able to fit into my pocket! So that's what's kind of inspired this look.

I don't think these gems will last long despite the layers of topcoat over them, or be very practical, but they were fun to create!

Right hand:

Left hand:

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