Friday, 6 September 2013

Wicked Nails!


Tomorrow I am going to London, and my very lovely boyfriend told me he'd gone online and bought two tickets for my all-time favourite musical, Wicked. Very excited as I've not seen it since the beginning of the year, so there'll be new cast members in all the main roles - looking forward to seeing what they are like, and just re-living the magic again. Such a fab show, amazing songs, but also beautiful costumes and sets and lighting, which inspired these nails.

I decided to create some Wicked-themed nails for the show tomorrow, and also because my boyfriend asked if I was going to (he knows me well). 

As I've said before I'm not great at actually drawing things, so I didn't want to try and recreate the logo or try and draw a witches hat or anything, because I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with the outcome. As I mentioned, the costumes on-stage are great, so sparkly and so much attention to detail & I wanted my nails to reflect this.

Here are all the things I used:

From L-R;
Insta-Dri - Sally Hansen
Hot Stuff - Models Own
Dancing Queen - Models Own
Silver Holo - Seventeen
Grapefruit - Barry M
Grass Slipper - Sally Hansen
Glitterball - no7 
& at the bottom;
2x pots of pink glequins - born pretty
dotting tool with blue-tac for picking up rhinestones!
rhinestone wheel - poundland

The main two characters for anyone who's not seen the show are The Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) and the Good Witch (Glinda) - see above! All of Elphaba's costumes are dark, and her skin is green! My first two fingers keep this in mind with the combination of green and sparkle. Glinda loves pink and glitter, and all of her costumes are SO sparkly. I used these in my ring and little finger. My thumb has a mixture of green and pink glitter. 

My favourite nail is the little finger with all the glequins - it's so sparkly when I move my fingers about! You can't really tell in the pics because of how the light catches them, but I used a random mixture of dark and light pink glequins. Here's lots more pics because I couldn't decide which ones were best! X


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