Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nails Inc: Vodaphone Red (LFW)


Today, myself and Naileymabob (click for her matching post!) are showing off our London Fashion Week freebie! We got these in our goodie bags provided by LFW/Vodaphone (Naileymabob won the tickets through vodaphone). We were very happy to get a free nail polish, being nail art bloggers!! 

So this is Vodaphone Red, by Nails Inc. 

This polish, despite being bright red, is still quite jelly-like and see-through on the nail. Despite three coats, you can still see my "nail line" through it, and I think to get it how I'd like, I'd have to layer it over white.

I immediately decided to add some glitter (the fab I Will Rainbow On You by Nail Laquer UK) to try and hide the fact it was see through, which improved it!

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  1. Hi, sorry couldn't see an email or contact form on your blog so posting here - I have nominated you for the Blog Your Heart Out Award. Please see my blog for details - http://nailallure.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/blog-your-heart-out-award-nomination.html
    Please do let me know if/when you post about it. Thanks!


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