Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Week 23 - Tribal Print Nails

I've really failed at doing our year-long challenge recently! Because I've discovered and bought so many new polishes in the last few months I've mainly been focused on testing them out and seeing what designs I could create. The challenges are good if you're stuck for ideas, but I've had lots myself recently. 

Anyway, last week was gradient week, and I did create a few gradients, without even realising that's what week it was. This week it's tribal print, which I'm really loving at the moment, due to how easy it is to do now I have the Barry M pens. I prefer doing patterns on my nails than trying to draw actual things - because I suck at that! Patterns and stripes and spots I'm okay with. 

I came up with this design after seeing a really striking dress in Topshop. Here's a picture of the dress from their website:

I didn't buy it or even try it on as I wasn't keen on the style - the high neck etc. But I loved the pattern and immediately told my sister when we saw it that it would be fab for nail-art! So here is my take on it. I tried to take a different bit of the pattern for each nail, adding/leaving out bits I thought wouldn't work. 

For the base colour I used Barry M's Blueberry. I know the dress is more mint green/turquoise, but I did my previous tribal nails over a green base, so I went for blue for these so they didn't look too similar. I used the white and the black nail-art pens to create the patterns, and used a topcoat to seal it all in. 


  1. Mint! haha I remember you pointing this out in topshop... .love it!

  2. These are stunning and look simple yet so effective!

  3. Cute :D love the colours


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