Friday, 7 June 2013

Going to Corfu!


Just a quick post to let you all know I'll be in Corfu for the next 10 days so there won't be any posts! I've made the hard decision (!) to go nailvarnishless on my fingers - my friends have said it'll give my nails a chance to breathe and recover - the sea/sun will be good for them, and the constant use of suncream will keep my hands moisturised. I wanted to paint them a nice bright holiday colour, but I knew as soon as one got chipped I'd be annoyed and I didn't want to take all my nail stuff with me!

Here's my naked nails, just with a coat of strengthener - as you can see, they're a bit flaky and gross, especially the thumb. This is why I always cover them up with polish - because they're minging - because of the polish - vicious circle!

I contented myself with just doing my toenails - this lovely colour is by Rimmel and is called Coral Romance (sorry for the feet pic!)

See you all in 10 days! X


  1. Have a lovely time chicken! Don't forget to bring back souvenirs! xxx


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