Friday, 28 June 2013

3-colour Pastel Gradient


I've created these gradient nails because everything else I've tried this afternoon has gone wrong! :-( 

First I was desperate to try Sugar-Spun, but it ended up turning out way harder than I thought! I tried with a few different polishes but couldn't get either to go 'stringy' enough when I was trying to drag it across. Ahhh. I then tried a glitter gradient with a new polish, but there was hardly ANY glitter on the brush each time I tried to add a coat so that didn't look good either. 

I needed something not too bright for work, so ended up creating this gradient with Barry M's Blueberry, Prickly Pear & the new pink SLE. 

I usually just create a gradient by painting my nails one colour, then dabbing on the second colour with a make-up sponge, building up the layers from the middle towards the end of my nail. This time though, I followed nuthin' but a nail thing's tutorial and it's turned out so much better! The only thing I didn't do is start with a white base (because I only decided on a gradient once I'd done two coats of the purple!) but the rest of it worked really well, and I reckon would be even more improved with a white base. :-)

This looks a lot 'smoother' and blended in real life, and I'm very happy with how it turned out - hope it doesn't chip, but I reckon it will very soon :-(

Also, look at this amazing t-shirt I spotted while out shopping this week:


  1. Wahey! Looks great! Glad the tutorial was useful! X

  2. Wow! They look so cool :D I've never been great at gradients, but I will definitely have to try this method!
    - Olivia xo

  3. This looks awesome and I really like the colours.. I might try this out myself! Also I hope you bought that t-shirt!


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