Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Metallic half-moons

I updated my 'car coloured' mani after borrowing the silver Barry M nail art pen from a friend. After a lot of thought on how to include the silver, I went for half-moons. I've never tried them before because I didn't think I could get them neat enough, but using the pens really helped. It was a bit harder on my left hand, but they looked quite good from a distance! I like this design, but not keen on the colours on my nails - I'm more into pastels and brights at the moment, not metallics. 

I drew on the half moons, then went over them again once they'd dried. They still looked a little streaky when you looked closely (like in the pics!) but you couldn't really tell too much. Here's a second pic with the flash off cos they look a completely different colour in both pics and couldn't decide which one to pick! 

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  1. This looks really awesome! I'll have to get a nail art pen


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