Thursday, 5 June 2014

So Many Watermelons


I 'broke up' from work today ready for 5 days off - I work shifts and get five off every three weeks, working lots in between so I'm really ready for this weekend off! Also, I need to keep my nails relatively plain and simple for work - it doesn't necessarily mean no nail art, but nothing super-eye-catching. Which means that as soon as I finished this afternoon, I came up with THIS:

Yaaaay, bright summery nails! I got the idea for these watermelon nails from @naildesignsbyjulie over on Instagram. (and if you want to follow me on Instagram, I'm here!) Julie made a quick tutorial vid for these, so I could see exactly how she'd done them.

I decided to use yellow as the base, this is Barry M's summer Limited Edition Yellow from last year. Love this shade and how bright and pigmented it is! I then drew on triangles using Shades by Models Own. This is a pinky/coral shade, but over the bright yellow base it has turned kind of orange - I forgot this yellow bleeds into any light colour put over it - damn! Wish I'd used a pinker pink! Anyway, I drew these triangles using a dotting tool. I then added green 'peel' also with the dotting tool (Greenberry, Barry M). My Barry M nail-art pens provided the black and white detail. I topcoated with Nails Inc Caviar Topcoat - I love the shine on this! 

Here's a pic of the polish I used before I decided to add the white detailing:

And a few more pics of the finished nails! They are sooooo bright (and look a bit like pizza slices) but on the whole I'm pleased! 


  1. There's never enough of watermelon :D love it!

  2. Aah yes!! These are perfect for summer! You picked great colours, nice and vibrant and the watermelons look so cute :)

  3. These are really summery, I love them. :-)

  4. These are amazing! They are perfect for summer and the mini watermelons are so cute! The yellow base is so bright too! :)


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