Monday, 2 June 2014

Glittery Nude


I was at a complete blank the other day as to what nails to do. I'd tried some nail art and failed, so went back to basics again. I also was bearing in mind that I needed plain-ish looking nails for work. I was actually kind of inspired for these nails by Maleficent - I saw the film last week and although you expect her nails to be black/green and talon-like, they were actually a gorgeous oval shape and a pretty nude shade - I thought they had a sparkle to them at the cuticle but I don't think they actually did - I was still inspired by this concept though! I only noticed as there were a few close-ups of her hands holding things and it's not hard to notice her nails on a big cinema screen! 

I painted my nails with Lychee by Barry M, one of their first Gelly shades, which I'd forgotten how much I loved! Utopia (Models Own) and Naked Glow (Models Own) were ones I'd purchased more recently so used more often, but Lychee is lovely. I applied two coats of this, then dabbed a glitter gradient at the bottom of each of my nails using Rose Quartz (Barry M again). I finished with a topcoat to make it all shiny!

I think this was a really clean and simple look, that was quite neutral but made a bit nicer to look at with the addition of the glitter. Here's some pics in various lights as it was difficult to capture the proper colour!


  1. I love Lychee! And the nude/glitter combo is beautiful!

  2. I haven't seen Maleficent yet but I definitely need to! I love the simplicity of these nails - I think I need to buy Rose Quartz now too! :)

  3. That looks really simple and pretty. I think they'd look lovely for a wedding. :-)

  4. Very pretty & sophisticated mani.


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