Monday, 16 June 2014



I  decided to do these nails after seeing a cute seahorse print on a top while wandering around H&M. I immediately snapped a photo as I thought it was something I might be able to create on my nails. Here's the top (on a mannequin not a person!):

I decided to do a seahorse accent nail against a blue background, to make this a kind of under-the-sea themed mani. At first I wanted to do a gradient but I've done so many recently, I didn't want to be boring. Instead I decided to put blobs of different shades of blue/green polish onto a sponge and dabbed this all over my nails (over a base of very pale blue). I kept repeating this until I got the effect I wanted. Here's the polishes and sponge that I used!

(Greenberry, Huckleberry, Sugar Apple, Blueberry)

This created a really cool tie-dye/print effect. It's really hard to see on most of these pics as I had to use the flash - it's probably most obvious on this picture I took at work, along with the seahorse I'd doodled on a piece of scrap paper as practice:

 I used the Barry M nail art pen to draw the seahorse and colour him in. He looked too black though, so once he was dry I went over once more with the sponge and the blue shades. He then looked too faded (!!) so I outlined him in black!

I decided to add some glequins/glitter pieces to the other nails as they looked a bit plain. I always see the mani in the top banner of my blog (above!) which is pastel pink and yellow with a circle of glequins around the edge of the nails, and I still love it! So I decided to recreate this, but just do the base of each nail. I used five slightly differing colours - I have little pots of lots of shades that I got from Born Pretty. I put them on using a dotting tool and sticking them onto a still-wet topcoat, and finished with another to seal them in.

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  1. That's a really cute seahorse, great manicure with all the nail polish combinations and using the sponge in a different way. Definitely something to try out! :)


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