Friday, 20 June 2014

BFF Friday: Summer Gradient


This week for BFF Friday, myself and Laura decided we would do a gradient, as we're loving them at the moment! We wanted to use pastels, and we decided to go for green, pink and purple which worked really well as a combo for Laura last week and I wanted to try it out myself! The only rule was that we had to use these three shades (pastels) and create a gradient, but we could do this however we wanted.

I decided to recreate Laura's gradient from last week as it was so gorgeous! She used pink at the base, purple in the middle and green towards the tip. I used these colours, that coincidentally matched my necklace!

I used my usual method of starting with a base shade of the lightest colour, in this case I picked Rose Hip (Barry M). I then used a make-up sponge to apply the gradient, sponging on a few layers to build up the colours. 

To make my gradient a bit different and so it wasn't a direct copy of Laura's, I used a topcoat of "Mermaid" which I bought yesterday from Urban Outfitters. I've always loved looking at the polishes in Urban Outfitters, both the fab choice of colours/glitters, and the chunky square bottles, but thought £6 was a bit steep. However they had some on sale this week... my sister treated herself to a lovely pale purpley-blue that's really opaque in one coat, and I got Mermaid, which is a beautiful iridescent flakie. For £3!

However, applying this made my gradient almost impossible to photograph, and I got so annoyed! 'Mermaid' goes all sorts of beautiful colours but I found it hard to capture, and when I did it kind of hid the gradient! I reckon it'd look better over a block colour rather than a gradient. Here's the best pics of a bad bunch, in different lights... 

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  1. Love that top coat and your gradient is super pretty!


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