Thursday, 26 June 2014

Half Moons - Orange/Blue

Quick post today!

I saw this nail design in Fabulous Mag (that comes free with The Sun on Sundays). It was worn by model Laura Whitmore in one of the photos of her accompanying an interview, and I noticed the nails immediately! After having a quick google, I found out that the nails were actually done by The Illustrated Nail, who is a nail artist I've always followed/admired for her bold, perfect designs! I can't seem to find the original photo from the magazine online, but here's a quick pic I snapped on my phone to remind me of what I wanted to do:

I recreated this look using Malibu and Mango by Barry M. I bought Malibu especially with this design in mind as I don't own a really bright blue, and I'm certainly not disappointed by this beauty of a colour, it's lush! The matte finish is really interesting, although I reckon I will always use it with a topcoat as I did here. 

See my previous post to see how to do half-moons neatly!


  1. Love this - orange is one of my favourite accent colours with blue. I'm going to try this

  2. cool :) nice colors!!

  3. So this is the design you were planning to do! I love it! I saw it in the fabulous mag too! These nails are so bright and they really suit your nail shape! :)


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