Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Neon Half Moons


Okay, this mani turned out way brighter than I expected! I always forget how bright these beautiful Barry M gelly shades appear on the nail - I do love it (and hope my work does too...... :-S )

To create this look, I used Papaya (orange) and Grapefruit (pink). I also used some 'Reinforcement Rings' that you can use to strengethen hole-punched paper! I bought these from Boyes, for just over £1 I think. You can get them in WHSmiths but they were quite pricey in there, so do have a look in discount shops that have a stationary section if you're after some! 

I started off with two coats of Papaya (above!) and left this to dry. I actually wore my plain papaya mani to work today as I love the shade, and also didn't have time to add any nail art last night! Therefore when I came to apply the reinforcement rings, I knew my nails were completely dry (which they need to be). 

I did each nail one by one, and started by cutting one vinyl ring in half then peeling off  one half, and sticking it carefully and as straight/evenly as possible onto the base of each nail. I then painted over in Grapefruit, and immediately peeled off the ring. I just did this with my fingers but it might have been easier to do with some tweezers!

Once dry I added a topcoat to add a shine and to make the join between pink and orange look more seamless. I wish I could add some neon studs or glequins to these, but I will have to save that for another time when I'm off work!

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  1. I love this colour combination! It's so bright! I love the simplicity of half moon nails - there are so many different combinations of colours! :)


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