Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Nude & Red


Two manis in one to show you today, that I did yesterday. The first one I created using both my new MoYou Nails stamping plates (sent for review) and my new Chevron Vinyls (bought from She Sells Seashells). 

I used Naked Glow (Models Own Hypergel) for the base, two coats. Once dry, I stamped my little finger with a detailed pattern image from one of the MoYou plates, using Passion Fruit (Barry M). I found it quite tricky to get the stamp at the angle I wanted, and for it to cover my whole nail and it took several attempts, but it's all good practice! Unfortunately the 'large' images on the plates I got are too small to cover my whole nail, as they're too long! I will have to look at buying some extra-large ones because I do love the effect it creates. 

I love the patterns on the plate, they're so pretty and intricate, and I'm looking forward to trying out more of them in different ways so keep your eyes peeled!

On my index finger I turned to my zig zag vinyls as I was so eager to try these! I decided to stick a row of six straight onto my nail, fully covering it, then peeled every second one off to make sure there was an even gap between each one. Not sure if this is how it's 'meant' to be done but I don't think I'd have got them even if I'd placed each one separately! I painted over my nail with Passion Fruit then removed the vinyls carefully with tweezers. I left it to dry before topcoating but it still smudged slightly - as did the stamp - booo! The smudging does look worse in these pictures than in real life though!

On the rest of my fingers, I took some of my gold circular studs, but didn't think these really matched, so I laid them on a bit of ripped-off newspaper and painted them with Passion Fruit too. Once these dried I stuck them to my remaining nails using wet polish to attach them, and topcoated to keep them in place.

I loved this mani, but as I was at work today, I decided it was just too bright, so after wearing it for the afternoon I reluctantly removed the studs and the chevrons and started again on all these nails. I re-painted them with Naked Glow, and once dry I added pointed french tips with Passion Fruit. For this, I used a small nail art brush (pictured above) but actually worked out I could have just done it with the brush in the bottle (as I had to re-do one just now after the polish cracked at work when I trapped my finger - was lucky my nail didn't break!!!). 

Here's the adjusted mani, which is definitely less 'in your face' and I do like the simplicity of the tips, and the way the red looks sooooo bright against the nude. I love this colour combo! And I had to keep the stamped little fingernail as it took ages!


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