Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Yogurt Series - Born Pretty

So, I saw these pretty yogurt polishes on Born Pretty and decided to treat myself to one. Except I couldn't pick a colour so ended up getting four! This post is going to show off two of them. They don't have names, so I'm showing you #6 (pink) and #17 (yellow). They're both lovely pastel colours with big chunks of coloured glitter and little silver glitter. 

I decided to layer them over yellow and pink polishes to really show them off. On my nails is two coats of a base colour (Claire's Yellow and Glam's Pink) and then one coat of the glitter, without a topcoat. In the pic above, my nails look really bright, especially the yellow! But I think the flash on the camera has helped - IRL they look more like below (without the flash)

I think these are lovely, but perhaps better suited to Christmas, especially the yellow with it's gold and red pieces! The pastel colour that the glitter is suspended in is lovely and summery though, so I don't know! I also want to try them without a base colour to see what kind of colour they can build up to on their own.

I still have the greenish one to try, which has a slightly different make-up which is why I didn't use it with these two. And I have lots more nail-art ideas I want to try - ahh so many things I want to do!!

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