Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New polishes - yaaaay!

Today is kind of a cheat post, but I'm so excited about my new polishes I had to post! This morning I finally recieved 3 of my yogurt polishes from Born Pretty. I've got one more to come (I accidentally ordered more stuff!) but I'm so excited about these three - they look amazing!

I also got a tip-off from a friend that Poundland was selling OPI so went for a little look today. I didn't find OPI (well, I did, but only crackle polishes) but I did find this beauty from Revlon in there - it's called Popular and it's so pretty! At only £1 I had to buy it. Here are my buys:

Despite being so excited, I'm going to keep my 'Glinda' mani on a bit longer. It has lasted sooo well! Random placing is definitely the best way to go with glequins! A few have fallen off, but it doesn't matter at all because they're meant to look randomly scattered. If they were in a line or whatever and one fell off it'd be glaringly obvious, but you can hardly tell where the gaps are. Really pleased as well that I've had two days at work (and two showers/hairwashes which usually messes with my nails) and they're not chipped or worn or peeling off AT ALL. So I'm going to wear them a little longer. The glequins are so shiny in the sun, throwing sparkles everywhere! I can't stop looking at them. Here's some pics from today...

Keep an eye on the blog because hopefully tomorrow or the day after I will have pretty yogurt nails- really can't wait to try them out! 


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