Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ikat Print


For these nails I followed yet another tutorial (I can never come up with ideas by myself!) - this time by the talented Kayla Shevonne - tutorial here. I really love how they look, in all the different colour combinations that she's done. It took me ages to select what colours to use in my attempt. I first picked green and orange, but then at the last minute decided on purple (Barry M's Prickly Pear) and pink (Barry M's Grapefruit). I thought this'd make them less 'in your face' as I'm back at work tomorrow. Actually, they're very 'in your face' but I don't care because I love them soooo much! Such a fab idea!

I used my Barry M nail-art pens for the black and white details - how did I ever 'nail art' without them?!


  1. cute! love how yours turned out!

  2. I love these! I think I may have a go at them tomorrow! <3

  3. Love this! I keep meaning to try the Ikat look... So many techniques to try still! lol


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