Monday, 15 July 2013

Week 29: Inspired by Your Hero

Hello! I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my nails tonight, but the idea didn't actually come together until I had got out all the things I knew I wanted to use. My fellow-challenge-blogger Naileymabob reminded me that this week's challenge (I know I keep forgetting!) is Inspired by your hero, so I decided to tie in what I already had in mind with someone I looove!

This is Glinda, from Wicked the Musical :-D

(my fave Glinda played to perfection by Dianne Pilkington, even though she's moved onto Mamma Mia now)

I decided to make my nails really sparkly as I'd enjoyed using glequins in my previous manicure (I've noticed I tend to stick with a certain theme or style for a while, like I will use the nail art pens again and again for a few weeks, then it'll be something else that takes my fancy!). Glinda is very sparkly. She is my hero because she's so misunderstood in the musical, and even though Elphaba comes across as the main hero of the story, Glinda's story is so sad too. She wants to help but she doesn't have Elphie's courage to stray away from what's expected. I love Glinda, she's just so cute and innocent (especially when Dianne played her). She's also my hero because she loves pink and sparkling things! 

For this manicure, I used:
* Dorien Grey (Sally Hansen)
* pale pink, blue and silver glequins (Born Pretty)
* Insta-Dri (Sally Hansen)
+ another clear topcoat to stick the glequins onto (I don't use insta-dri for this bit as it dries before you've got all the glequins stuck down!)

The pink/blue glequins were chosen because I thought they were Glinda-ish colours. She wears both pink and blue sparkly dresses throughout the show. Pretty! Again, I changed what I was planning to do half-way through. I was going to completely cover an accent nail on each hand in glequins, but I liked how the "gradient" of randomly placed glequins looked that I just did it on every nail. Placing things to make them look truly random is haaard! I wanted them to sort of taper off towards the top of each nail. Hopefully I've achieved what I wanted.

Hopefully also, they'll be "plain" enough for work - I know they're sparkly, but our uniform is grey and pink(ish) so I reckon they'll blend in - at least more so than neons would do (I'll save that for my days off again). Sorry for the massive post, hope it makes up for the briefness of the previous one! Here's some more pics with/without flash because I couldn't decide which showed them off better. x


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