Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Birthday Cupcake Nails!

My nails this afternoon are cupcakes! I've wanted to do this for ages, and have had a pic saved in my 'inspiration' file, but it's never really seemed appropriate to have cake nails. Well it's appropriate now as it's my birthday tomorrow :-D And doubly appropriate, because this week on the year-long challenge is 'Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice' which definitely includes cupcakes.

I used Barry M's Greenberry and the white Barry M nail-art pen for the buncase, and Accessorize's Miss Sunshine for the icing, with pink dots using the pink nail-art pen and a coat of Claire's holo glitter. The cherry on the top is done with a red nail-art pen (the ones you squeeze) ...I didn't really want a dark metallic red, but my pillar-box red has gone all gloopy (but on the plus side, good for an attempt at sugar spun? Will try!)

I'm going to Paris on Friday and hopefully want to change my nails again by then - not sure whether to stick with something simple as it will have to last 3 days, or do something french-inspired?!


  1. These look fab - like proper cakes! I feel like I could nom them all up!

  2. They are so cute!! And happy belated birthday!


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