Monday, 29 July 2013

Multi-coloured and glitter!


Sorry for the absence - I have been in Paris over the weekend, for my birthday! Now I'm back and was very eager to try out some of my new birthday presents. Here is all the nail-related stuff I got as presents - very lucky girl :-)

There's the Models Own Mirrorball collection from my boyfriend (SO GLITTERY! <3 ) and the Nail Rock kits are from him (and chosen by him) too - can't wait to play with those. The Barry M's are from my fab sister, who remembered which ones I didn't have (and I bought myself the red one at the station over the weekend!) the little kit is from my sister too, handy for my bag! And the Lemony Flutter is from my mum. Yey! 

I wanted to wear it all at once, but I don't think I could have managed that! So I compromised, and came up with this:

I used all of these:

:the full set of Mirrrorball polishes, and a related colour from the Barry M gellys for the base, including two of my new ones, Key Lime and the LE yellow. 

Here (above) are the colours before the glitter. I love them all - so fresh and bright and summery! I especially love the limited edition Yellow! I wasn't sure how bright it'd be without a white base coat (I decided against using one as I was too eager to see the colours!) but it's so bright and gorgeous.

And here (below) they are with the addition of the glitter! Aaaaaaahhhhh so colourful and shiny!! I just can't decide which glitter I like best. They're all stunning combinations, with unique shapes and colours in each one. 

And here's a pic of me drinking champagne from a starbucks cup (of course) that shows off the nails I hastily did for Paris - I only had time to do them at St Pancras before the Eurostar, after caving and buying (yet another) Barry M gelly from Boots (passionfruit)...

And a few more pics from Paris.... :-)


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