Friday, 5 July 2013

Leopardy Tips

I decided on this design after I created my zebra-print tips a week or so ago. I wondered if I could do it again but with leopard print tips. I was stuck for a base colour, and in the end settled on my trusty Dorien Grey by Sally Hansen. I love this polish, but it takes an aaaage to dry! Anyway, I chose this because I'm still at work (day 8 of 9 today!) and I wanted something quite plain, otherwise I reckon I'd have picked yellow or something.

After the grey had completely dried, I used my white nail-art pen to draw on the tips. I had to do a few layers as it's a bit see-through with just one. I then used Barry M's Papaya to do random blobs of orange over the white. After this had dried, I outlined the blobs with my black nail-art pen, putting in random gaps in each 'outline' to create the leopard-print effect. I finished with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri topcoat to seal it all in and smooth it out.

I wasn't sure whether to add a solid black line between the white and the grey... In the end I decided not to as I was scared of ruining it!


  1. These look fab - your tips are always so neat! Tell us how you do it!!!

  2. The Barry M nail-art pen is your friend! I could never do tips this neat with white nail varnish or a nail-art brush.... with the pen you can really carefully draw them on exactly how you want :-D xx


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