Thursday, 19 March 2015

Spring Florals with new Barry M Gellys


A few weeks ago, I won a competition ran by Superdrug/Barry M on Instagram. I was expecting to receive the new Speedy-Dry collection as my prize, but when it came I got so much more! I did receive the full speedy-dry collection (9 polishes) but I also got the three new spring gellys and the new plumpy topcoat. I was thrilled! But on top of all of these gorgeous polishes, I also got a massive range of make-up brushes (which I've passed on to my sister as I don't really wear a lot of make-up) and some make-up bits including a cheek contour kit and two gelly lip paints. I've kept the two lip paints because the colours are gorgeous, and my sister has got the other bits. All in all, a FANTASTIC prize that must have been worth quite a bit. A lot more than I was expecting and it was great to be able to share some of it with my sister as well!!

So I was eager to try the new gelly shades. I'd actually already purchased Cotton (the white) but I'm glad to have another because it's a perfect white, and I go through white polish quite a lot as I often use it in nail art. The two other shades I'd resisted buying as I thought they were quite similar to gelly shades I already had. But they're absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad I now own them - they are actually quite unique and not too similar to any colours I already own.

The pink is called Fondant (love that name) and it's kind of a muted pastel pink, with a bit of a purple tone to it. Much more dusky and pigmented than the other pale pink gelly I have, Rosehip. The blue is called Sky Blue (not as imaginative a name!) and I'd thought it was going to be like Huckleberry and Elderberry, but it's not. It's much brighter and a really gorgeous shade of blue, lovely for spring.

I created these nails as I'd not done flowers for a while and they're easy to create with a dotting tool. I added a stud to one flower-middle per nail to make them more interesting. I also added a gradient on the other nails as I wanted to see how these colours would look blended together. I'm really pleased with this mani, I think it looks really Spring-like!

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  1. I finally got these last weekend! So excited to wear them, and to have a new white polish. Was thinking of doing a gradient but I really like your flowers, the colours contrast so well. x


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