Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mani Swap with Lane's Lacquers


I posted this to Instagram and Twitter yesterday but have only just had time to write up the blogpost today. Myself and Rebecca from Lane's Lacquers planned to do a Mani Swap recently, where we both decided to pick a manicure done by each other, and then recreate it. Rebecca does a ton of gorgeous, bright designs and I always find myself thinking; 'I want to try that!' every time I see her new creations. 

It took me a while to decide which manicure to recreate, but in the end I chose one with a mint/pink colour-scheme (my favourite!) and a brilliant bold Leopard Print design. I've done leopard print a lot before, but usually I keep the print really tiny, so I wanted to try this bolder design. 

I began with a base of Sugar Apple by Barry M, two coats. Once this was fully dry (it needs to be or the nail art pens will pull/dent the polish) I used the pink and black nail art pens by Barry M to doodle on the design. I worked with a copy of Rebecca's nails in front of me and tried to copy the print from each nail to make sure I achieved a 'random' look like she had. I finished with a topcoat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. 

I loved the bold outcome of these nails, and got loads of nice comments about them. Several people even asked if they were transfers or stickers as they loved the pattern so much! Here's a photo of the design on each hand, and a bonus one I took with my new phone case!!

You can view Rebecca's blogpost here where she shows the Cath Kidston-esque rose print mani of mine that she recreated. I think she's done a perfect job!


  1. Love, love, love how these turned out! That big bold print looks gorgeous on your nail shape!!! I love how you sat with an image in front of you too, I did the same with yours because your roses were just so perfectly spread LOL... Yet again we are great minds thinking alike ;) must do it again some time xx

  2. Aw this is so cute! And funny that you picked similar colours for your designs! I really love your leopard print, it does look like stickers just because it's so good. I had no idea the Barry M pens would work this well.
    This makes me want to do a mani swap one day!!
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. I'd be up for doing a mani swap with you if you ever wanted! :-D xx

    2. Oh yes that would be amazing! Um.. shall I email you? x


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