Monday, 16 February 2015

New HyperGels - Do They Gradient?


So I know with new polishes I often see the question "Do they stamp?". Well, I'm not into stamping when I do nail art, mostly because I'm not very good at it! What I do enjoy (as you'll probably know if you read my blog regularly) is gradients. So as soon as I saw those three paler HyperGel shades by Models Own (reviewed in my last post) I knew I wanted to try them out as a gradient.

I wouldn't necessarily have put all three of these shades together in a gradient - I knew the pink and blue would look good as they were both so pale but wasn't sure about including the peach as it was a bit of a darker colour. However I went ahead with all three just to see what they would look like. At first I thought it looked awful, but I persevered and I'm really happy with the result!

For gradients it helps if the polishes are really pigmented so you don't have to sponge on loads of layers to build up the colour, so these hypergels were perfect.

I used my usual method - started off with two coats of the 'base' shade (the lightest of the colours to be used in the gradient usually) which was Powder Blue. Once dry (I used a fast drying topcoat then waited overnight) I painted the three colours (the other two are Long Beach Peach & Paradise Pink) onto a small wedged make-up sponge, and dabbed them onto each nail. I did this a few times, moving the sponge slightly higher/lower each time to blend the colours. A topcoat smoothed it all out. 

It looked lovely on its own but I felt like adding something and I've not used my pretty studs for ages! I'd just bought a new stud-wheel from Poundland which had these gorgeous big silver diamond shapes in, so I used those. On an accent nail on each hand I added some pastel studs in matching shades to the gradient, then some gold studs to finish it off.

I really like these! 


  1. These look really cool, the combination definitely works. You've inspired me to dig out my nail studs! I had a big re-shuffle of the stash last night when I put my shelves up and found loads of bits I'd forgotten about that I can now use. x

  2. Lovely gradient! The peach works surprisingly well, it's good you just tried to combine them. I really like how you used the studs btw! :)

  3. Stamping is definitely MY favourite thing, but your gradient WORKS. : )


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