Friday, 6 February 2015

Hot Pink Glitter Gradient


Quick post today to show a manicure that I did last week. My sister bought me this double-sided nail polish when it went down in the sale in the shop where she works to less than £1! She knows me well :-D

I've never actually heard of this make before, which is 'Technic' but I reckon it's a budget brand which seems similar to W7 etc. 

I started off with two coats of the pink. It applies nicely and I loved the shade! I then painted on a gradient using the gorgeous multi-coloured glitter. I loooove this glitter, it's so nice, and I don't think I would have paired it with hot pink if it hadn't come with it, so I'm glad I did try it as I think it looks great.

I think this really shows that you don't have to spend a lot on polish or buy expensive brands to have nice looking nails, the cheaper brands can often be just as nice! 


  1. Definitely a good bargain there! I think that pink colour looks fab! x

    1. Cheers! Yeah the pink is so vibrant, it's lovely! Xx


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