Sunday, 15 February 2015

Models Own Hypergels - New Shades


A very exciting post today. One of my most favourite polish brands ever, Models Own, sent me five of their ten new HyperGel shades that have just been released for Spring. HyperGel polishes are super-glossy with a gel effect finish - they are supposed to look as if you have had a gel manicure in a salon! 

The ten new shades are a mixed bunch, some are pastel shades and some more vibrant, but are all worthy additions to the HyperGel family.

(pic copyright Models Own)

These polishes retail at £4.99 and are available to buy now, online at, in Models Own Bottleshops and in selected Superdrug and Tesco stores.

The ones I received to review were Purple Orchid, Long Beach Peach, Tropical Green, Powder Blue & Paradise Pink. I have not used topcoat in any of my swatches.

I'll start by showing you the two darker colours. 

Purple Orchid is a rich purple, that appears rather darker on the nail than on the shiny bottle-top. I used three coats, and it builds up nicely. The texture is slightly more gelly-like than the pastel colours I tried, but application was smooth and even after the first coat. A lovely sophisticated shade. 


Tropical Green is next. Before I even read the name for this polish I thought it looked very tropical, and would be a great shade to wear on hot summer days. It'd also be great for halloween - it reminds me of slime! This polish had a very jelly-like consistancy, and was much more see-through than the other shades. I used three generous coats, and it was still not fully opaque - from a distance I don't think this would be too much of a problem though!


Now on to the pastel shades. I love a pastel polish, and own sooo many already! I was very interested to see how these new Models Own offerings would compare with my current favourites, so I've also added comparison pictures with other polishes that I use regularly as my go-to pastels.

Paradise Pink is a beautiful pastel pink, very very pale. Application was wonderful - the polish is so smooth and creamy. I used three coats but could have just gone for two. This is a beautiful colour and very 'me'.

As soon as I saw this on my nails I thought it was very similar to Rosehip by Barry M. I've used that as a comparison along with Strawberry Tart by Models Own.  As you can see, Rosehip is very similar, but Paradise Pink is perhaps a little more of a dusky pink. I prefered the formula of the Hypergel rather than the Gelly in this case which surprised me! Strawberry Tart is much brighter in comparison so not really a dupe. 


Powder Blue I would describe in a very similar way to Paradise Pink (above) in application and appearance. So smooth and creamy and perfect. Just two coats here. I love it!

I compared this with Barry M gelly shades Elderberry & Blueberry. Unfortunately I don't own Blueberry Muffin from the Models Own Fruit Pastel collection or I would have included that too! Elderberry is much more of a pigmented dull grey-blue. Huckleberry is quite similar, but lighter and paler. Again, I prefer the formula of the Hypergel and I think Powder Blue will easily take over as my favourite pastel blue shade. 


Long Beach Peach is a stunning peach. I used three coats for full coverage. I think that this one is absolutely an ideal shade for spring, it's so fresh! I'm loving peach nails at the moment.

I compared this to Barry M Papaya and Models Own Peach Melba.Papaya is much darker, and I'm glad to see that Peach Melba is quite different too - more yellow toned, with Long Beach Peach being more pinky. I like that they're different because I love them both!


Overall, I think all 5 polishes are great. Lovely smooth application and I really loved the high-shine effect once they dried. My favourites are the three pastel shades. I thought the formula was slightly better on these - more creamy and opaque more quickly. Also as I mentioned above I'm a sucker for a beautiful smooth pastel shade, so these three are right up my street!

Powder Blue has to be my absolute favourite.

I'll be posting again tomorrow to answer a very important question: "Do they gradient?" Haha. Gradients are my most favourite type of nail art to create and I'm desperate to use these pastel shades and see what I can come up with, so check back tomorrow!


  1. LOVING the comparisons and Powder Blue is VERY pretty.

    1. Powder Blue is definitely my favourite, it's gorgeous! x

  2. I really want to love Purple Orchid and Tropical Green cos the colours are fab but I'm just not a fan of the jelly finish. I wish they were cremes. My favourite is still Paradise Pink. Even if it is similar to Rose Hip - at least I'm consistent! But I haven't seen any pictures of the other five yet so will resist buying til then x

    1. Same here! I thought that green really stood out when I first saw a photo of the new releases, but actually I don't like it on my nails, due to the jelly finish and just the colour in general unfortunately- I just don't think it works on my nails!
      Paradise pink (along with Powder Blue) is definitely in my top two. I like that it's slightly more pink than Rose Hip, which is so pale it's practically white!
      I haven't seen any swatches of the other five either which is weird, every blogger who I've seen has been sent some have been sent the same five as me! There's a strange brown-y kind of shade that I definitely don't want to get, but I'm interested in the other four.

  3. your nails are stunning! The darker shade of Purple Orchid suits them perfectly!


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