Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Models Own Chromes: Rose


As you'll probably know, Models Own recently released a set of metallic polishes named Chromes. Also, they've just had a big 50% sale on their website (last day today!) so I had to get a couple while they were reduced to give them a try, as the swatches I'd seen were beautiful! After looking at a lot of swatches I decided to treat myself to two - couldn't afford or justify any more but I like treating myself to a couple from new collections if I like them enough! I got Rose which is rose-gold coloured, and Indigo which is purply-blue. 

They came this morning, and I immediately got Rose on my nails! 

The polish is tricky to apply to get a nice finish and you have to take extra care. It's apparently best to not use basecoat or topcoat, so I left these out. I also buffed my nails before applying to make them as smooth as possible. I then added two coats of Rose. The polish is such a nice consistency, and the brush is wide and flat. It looks quite "brush-strokey" when first applied, but luckily this fades a bit as the polish dries. Still, it's important to apply it as neatly and smoothly as possible - I tried to do just three strokes of the brush per nail.

It does show up imperfections of the nail below, but I don't think this ruins the overall effect unless you look too closely. My nails look like they're metal! I love this shade, and will probably add some art over the top using my other new chrome shade. 

It was also hard to photograph - below are some taken on my phone (without flash) and camera (with). 

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