Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Mono Holo


In my last mani, I used Princess Sabra by A England and using it really made me remember how much I love A England's polishes - they apply so beautifully and smoothly. While waiting for that mani to dry, I had a little look on their website and saw that Jane Eyre, a beautiful purple/black that I've admired before (partly just due to the name <3 ) was only £6 as it's 'gem of the month' I had to treat myself. Free postage too!

It came really quickly, and I was dying to use it. I didn't have any really inspired ideas for a specific manicure, but eventually decided to pair it with my silver holo polish by Seventeen (Boots) to come up with something pretty. I started off with a base of the silver, two coats:

I then waited for the silver to be fully dry. Later on I came back to the mani, and used straight and chevron nail vinyls (like stickers) that I got from She Sells Seashells. I applied them to the nail using tweezers, then painted over the exposed part of the nail (except from the triangle at the bottom) using Jane Eyre. I quickly removed the vinyls and discarded them. Here's a few quick photos from the process, it's pretty simple but fiddly, and sometimes a bit awkward to get the vinyl in exactly the right position you want, but worth it for the outcome!

I really like how these look, hopefully I will get a better pic in the daylight tomorrow because I don't feel like these photos have shown how rich and pretty this purpley polish is! Here's one more for now:


  1. I've ordered some of the stickers....I wondered where I could get them from so thanks for the link.


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